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DRLIK Rollerski - production of roller skis SPEED

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DRLIK Rollerski - production of roller skis SPEED
Cz En

hallo! ja bin ich ganz zufriden mit dem skiroller. alles in ordnung-danke

Jurij, Österreich

- The Speed PU 80 modell is just what I was looking for and I already
have 900km on a pair of them. They are light and stable and the
rolling recistanse is what I was looking for. Mudguards work well and
the 80mm diameter wheel brings the body of hte ski closer to the
surface for a more "snow-like" feel. Also, they are good for skiing
uphill.Durability of the wheels could perhaps be better but it's not bad, Ithink I can get about 1600km on a pair of wheels on the type of
pavement we have here.

Mikkel, Finland

 Dear Mr. Drlik

I am very satisfied with skate R 100. I sent you
the money, please send me the rollerski SKATE PU 100 as fas as possible.

Alexander, Österreich

i have your rollerski ,are excellent,now i need 4 wheels skate R,training rubber
thanks good afternoon
laurent , Switzerland

 Yes I received the roller skis, they work well and I am enjoying them. thank you!
Michelle, USA

Hello, I would like to give you a short feedback about the rollerski 1 month after getting them.
First of all, I've managed to use them in good conditions (the cold weather helped to get dry roads) and I'm very happy and satisfied with them.
I was afraid that the size of the weels (100mm instead of the 80 mm I had before) would change their behaviour but I was wrong and it's really stable enough.
Now I simply have to train more to improve the speed and use the potential.
Thank you very much for all and continue your good work !
Best regards
Thomas, Germany

Hi Emil!  I'm satisfier about Speed skis!  There is some info for you:
+ good for technique training for example skating without poles
+ fast
+ durable wheel (after 600km no problem with wheel wear)
+ good body
+ length of body( not too short= good for technique)
+ mudguards
+ good price comparing to quality

- in bad asphalt some vibration
- slippery in wet road
- little sound from other wheel bearing but no matter for speed/rolling resistance

Kimmo, Finland

Discussion about the item

12.12.2015 17:19:00 - Ervins %LATVIA%

Dear Mr. Drlik

Your service and shipping is very very good, very quality. Thank you very much! Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce!!!

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05.12.2012 9:18:00 - Tomas Dohnal

Speed Skate R100

I have now had the Speed Skate R 100 for about 4 months and I am very satisfied. I have also used them for some fast interval training. They are very comfortable to ski on, have about the right length and weight and simulate snow skiing quite well. The wheel wear seems reasonable and the price is one of the best on the market.
Tomas, Germany.

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Re: Dear Mr. Drlik

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