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DRLIK Rollerski - production of roller skis SPEED

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DRLIK Rollerski - production of roller skis SPEED
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Why roller skis

Using roller skis is a great way to reap the benefits of cardiovascular development with a sport that appears to be solely a winter sport dependent on snow. Skiing on roller skis faithfully simulates skiing on snow. For athletes this is one of the few sports that burn calories faster than any other activity, except, perhaps, water polo. Roller skis will help you gain balance, rhythm, and strength. If you are a skier or enthusiast from a village far away from the resort, then roller skis are the best way for you to improve your skiing technique, which is hard to improve if you do not get to ski in the winter as often as necessary. People, who cannot run due to problems with their knees or other health problems, often swimmingly switch to training on roller skis.
A study carried out in Sweden showed identical metabolic demands when comparing training on snow and training on roller skis. The tests were conducted for longer endurance strain and racing strain. The pulse value, lactate levels, and times of each skier were recorded. It was statistically proven that the levels of each value were almost identical (Anders Ek and Dr. Karin Piehl Aulin ). That is why we lean towards this way of dry training as optimal.


What type of roller skis?

 Decide whether you want roller skis for skating, or for the classic style. Unfortunately, fully universal roller skis cannot be made. If you want to train both techniques systematically, then you cannot avoid purchasing two pairs of roller skis. Classic or skate roller skis have different wheel geometry; classic roller skis are longer and use wheels with indentations to provide a bounce. The wheels even ride differently. Start with roller skis for the technique you prefer, later you may decide to purchase another pair. 


Roller skis for classic technique

 We recommend CLASSIC ST – a special model of roller skis for training the classic technique. Cross-beam length 700 mm, made of high-strength aluminum, guaranteed to bear the weight of the heaviest skiers.   Rubber wheels of a 35 mm width are shaped specifically for classic style. Anti-reverse mechanisms only allow the wheels to rotate in one direction, thus enabling the classic take-off. These mechanisms are so robust that they can only be mounted to the front wheels, thereby reducing the weight and cost of the roller skis.

Roller skis CLASSIC ST/PU are made for more delicate skiers, enabling them to practice the technique without undue effort. This type of roller skis can also be used by skiers who demand faster classic roller skis.

CLASSIC ST/PU has polyurethane rear wheels, the rest of the parameters are the same as the type CLASSIC ST.

The roller skis CLASSIC R are mostly intended for classic skiing, but they allow for occasional skating as well. The cross beam has a length of 700 mm, the rubber wheels are 30 mm in width and 70 mm in diameter, and the front wheels have anti-reverse mechanisms. A faster variant of these roller skis is the model CLASSIC R/PU, equipped with polyurethane rear wheels.


 Roller skis for skating

 The basic model is SKATE R – slow roller skis designated for gaining first experiences and improving condition. The basic beam length is 600 mm; for taller skiers a length of 650 mm is suitable. The rubber wheels have a width of 30 mm and a diameter of 70 mm. The lower speed of these roller skis is an advantage in downhill skiing. You can replace the rear wheels for polyurethane wheels at any time; this will significantly increase the speed of the roller skis.

The very popular type of roller skis SKATE R/PU is used by advanced skiers for training the skating technique in speeds comparable to the speeds in snow skiing. We also recommend them for children and more delicate skiers; they will allow them to improve their technique without undue effort.

Our best training model is the SKATE R 100 roller ski. A camber beam of a 610 mm length (between the axes of the wheels) lowers the gravity centre and increases lateral stability; wheels with a diameter of 100 mm enable substantial edging during take-off, a dural wheel hub provides wheel rigidity and reduces losses resulting from deformation of the wheels under strain. These roller skis provide a smoother ride on rough surfaces, and have good adhesion even in wet conditions. Good skiers can feel free to choose this type of roller skis even without previous experience with other roller skis.

Roller skis SKATE G 100  have a  beam with a length of 530 mm, and rubber wheels with a diameter of 100 mm with an aluminum hub. These roller skis allow significant edging during take-off, skiing on rough asphalt is a bit smoother, and they have good adhesion on wet surfaces.

Roller skis SKATE PU 80 are used for optional skating and racing, they are too fast for training. The basic length is 600 mm, the 530 mm length is used for racing.

The fastest roller skis SKATE PU 100 with a beam length of 530 mm, are designed for racing purposes. 


 Other equipment

The length of the ski rods is the same as when skiing on snow. In the spring, the winter plates are replaced by summer rod ends, made of plastic that stays firm even in summer temperatures. In the fall, the winter plates are attached again. When using winter plates in the summer, there is a danger of breaking the tips. 
The same binding is used as in the winter, reinforced ankle boots - combi or skate. A bicycle helmet, goggles, and gloves are recommended. You will appreciate the mudguards on the roller skis when riding on wet ground.

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